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A fully customizable white label solution for fractional investing

The Particle crowdfunding platform is a fast, intuitive and cost-effective way to equity fundraise via Reg A, Reg CF and Reg D.

White label crowdfunding platform on different devices

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Our SEC-compliant* investment platform lets you raise capital on assets like these: 

  • Real Estate

  • Fine Art

  • Rare Collectibles

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Estate Jewelry

  • Startups and

  • Films, Music & Intellectual Property

Examples of alternative assets

Particle comes with a dedicated development and product team from day-1

When using this product, your firm is not just getting a platform, but an industry-leading technology team that has crafted products for Google, Uber, AirBnb, and even Candy Crush. Go to market with support for your business, strategy, and long-term growth. The customizations and features are limitless for your platform, firm, and portfolio.

Particle Team

Firms are now raising significant capital quickly via crowdfunding
Regulation A investing raised a record breaking $52.7 million in March 2023 alone  -  with a 44% YoY growth rate


Crowdfunding market revenue growth by 2030


Generated yearly by crowdfunding in North America


Crowdfunding industry 
growth last year

Don’t pay high fees, or be limited to a single offering within a competitive crowdfunding marketplace

Bring your portfolio of digital offerings to market with your own tech-IP to increase your firm’s value, and never pay fees (as high as 15%) to a crowdfunding platform.

Particle vs. Crowdfunding Marketplace

Use a white label crowdfunding investment platform that fits any asset class

Particle provides a customizable, mobile-friendly Web Application and CMS (content management system), meaning that your firm offers a portfolio of offerings representing your own unique brand.

Example of a crowdfunding platform
Example of a crowdfunding platform
Example of a crowdfunding platform
Example of a crowdfunding platform
Example of a crowdfunding platform
Example of a crowdfunding platform

What makes Particle the most effective way to raise capital today?

Speed to Market

Get to market quickly, with a market validated, performance-optimized crowdfunding platform

Brand Position

Present your very own portfolio, branding, application as your own - don’t be just a single offering among a crowded marketplace


Unlimited customization, feature and portfolio additions let you scale a limitless portfolio of offerings

Increase Your

Build tech-IP for your firm, increasing your company valuation, and digital operational efficiency

Mitigate Risk

Fulfill your roadmap goals with a proven platform solution that guarantees a seamless launch into the market

Best - In - Class

Over 20+ third party integrations delivering a superior experience for your firm, your back office, and your investors


Launch your public offerings, and start raising capital in weeks

Our platform comes with over 200+ standard features out of the box, and is ready for back office setup, financial documents and portfolio/public offering launch in just a few short weeks


SEC application, legal and business development consulting is available to all clients

Particle offers an ecosystem of features to help you raise capital and scale quickly


A scalable portfolio of offerings for long-term value creation

Have the freedom to offer a variety of assets without limits - your portfolio scales with your assets under management, and is never restricted to a single offering

Particle offerings

Offer portfolio updates, promotions, and exclusive content with a real time newsfeed

Engage your investors with proven features including the latest news, insider information on exciting updates, offering/portfolio milestones, upcoming events and exclusive content.


Your investors can now be the first to learn key insights on your unique portfolio of AUM (assets under management).

Portfolio updates

Your investors can buy shares in just 3 minutes

Leverage years of best practices, consumer research, usability testing and performance optimizations to offer a frictionless purchase experience 

Investor sign up process

Start marketing and collect investor data in just a few days

Utilize pre-fabricated templates to market your assets with a fully-customizable website & waitlist, while collecting valuable investor signup data to target your announcements and re-engagements.

Launch of a marketing campaign

Reduce marketing and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

FinTech products by nature have a very high customer acquisition cost (CAC). A key go-to-market strategy for any  platform should be to include an incentivized referral program 

Particle incentivized refferal

SEC-compliant* digital KYC/AML comes standard

Investor identity verification and KYC/AML (know your consumer) are required by the SEC. Don’t worry, we have that covered.

In just 2 steps your investors are verified with the industry’s leading digital investor verification service.

Particle Investor Verification

Realtime customization with a Content Management System (CMS)

Empowering the our clients with full control of their content, imagery, copy, and assets was built from day-1 with an intuitive Content Management System (CMS).

Particle content management system

How can we help you raise capital with your alternative assets?

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